Chocolate-Covered Candied Ginger

Chocolate-Covered Candied Ginger

Moist and chewy with a unique kick, try our candied ginger with or without chocolate.

Available in a 4 ounce package.


Candied ginger (also known as crystallized ginger) is made by cooking ginger root and adding a coating of sugar. Moist and chewy with a unique kick, this treat is well known for its ability to minimize motion sickness and calm an upset tummy. If you're looking for something a little sweeter, try our chocolate-covered ginger for a spicy treat!

Available plain or with milk or dark chocolate.

Candied ginger is also available in our bulk section.

Additional information

Choose Size

4 oz Package

Ginger options

Chocolate-Covered, Plain

Chocolate Type

Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, None


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