Flavor Guide

Our Chocolatier works hard to provide delicious treats that everyone will enjoy!

Flavor Guide

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Types of Chocolates

Chocolate Truffle

A chocolate coated, ganache-filled confection. At Allô! you will find Artisan Truffles, Signature Truffles, Dessert Truffles, and  Truffle Bites.


Look for fun flavors in beautiful, hand-crafted shells that are updated with the changing seasons. Available shapes may include seasonal hearts, Easter eggs, butterflies, shamrocks, and shells or our regular domes.

Dessert Truffle

Beautifully decorated, large-sized truffles in a variety of unique flavors. These are sure to impress!

Truffle Bite

The same as our Signature and Dessert Truffles, but in a convenient, bite-sized package so you can try every flavor!

Signature Truffle

Decadent, hand-made beauties, available in a limited number of flavors. Our Signature Truffles do not contain any preservatives and we suggest you consume any products within 2 weeks of purchase.

Chocolate Meltaway

A chocolate coated confection with a creamy center that seems to melt in your mouth. Meltaways are made by combining our gourmet chocolate with coconut oil. By mixing chocolate and a lauric fat, the melting point of the creation is lower than either of the ingredients by themselves (considered a eutectic!). This gives the treat its characteristic “melt in your mouth” deliciousness!

Bon Bon

A chocolate coated confection that is filled with something other than ganache. A bon bon may be filled with buttercream, nougat, fruit purée, coconut, caramel, or more. At Allô!, our chocolate assortment is filled with delicious bon bons!