As we enter yet another month of being stuck at home, it’s important now more than ever to connect with loved ones. Allô! Chocolat’s Chocolate Care Package is specially curated to share a little joy! Though we can’t visit with loved ones as easily as before, nothing says “thinking of you” like a little chocolate treat! Our Chocolate Care Package contain a variety of customer favorites, and each is customizable*. Let us help you brighten someone’s day!


Care Package Contents:

1. Allô! Chocolat’s Sipping Chocolate Mix: Two servings of our legendary sipping chocolate, individually packaged with cooking instructions. Just add milk, heavy cream, and a dash of vanilla and you can have one of our best-selling products at home.

— Box contain 2-1 ounce servings

2. Chocolate-covered Oreos©: The only thing better than an Oreo© cookie? An Oreo© cookie drenched in our gourmet chocolate!

— Box contains 2 cookies, 2 ounces

3. Sentiment Chocolate Bar: The best message is a message they can eat! Choose from the following sentiments:

    • “Thinking of You”
    • “I Love You”
    • “Allô! Chocolat”
    • “Seasons Greetings”
    • “Happy Holidays”

–Box contains 1 bar, 1 ounce

4. Best-Seller Option 1: Select from three of our best-selling products:

    • Chocolate-covered caramels – butter and sweet, these chocolates come plain or dotted with sea salt
    • Chocolate-covered toffee – a classic treat with just the right amount of “crunch”
    • Tortues – pecans drenched in sweet caramel and covered in chocolate, some people call these “turtles”, but we call them “perfection”

Box contains a 4 ounce package

5. Best-Seller Option 2: Select from customer-favorite fruit and nut options:

    • Chocolate-covered, double-dipped peanuts
    • Chocolate-covered raisins
    • Chocolate-covered cranberries (out of stock)
    • Chocolate-covered gummi bears

— Box contains an 8 ounce package


*Substitutions outside what is offered here are not allowed