Who said it’s not polite to play with your food? Allô! Chocolat’s Hot Cocoa Bombs are made for FUN!

Our Hot Cocoa Bombs are created by filling a gourmet milk or dark chocolate shell with decadent hot cocoa mix (made with Penzey’s cocoa) and mini marshmallows. This exciting treat brings a new level of fun to every cup of cocoa you enjoy!

Instructions: Place your hot cocoa bomb in a mug and slowly pour 6-8 ounces of hot milk over the shell. Then sit back and watch as the chocolate melts to reveal an explosion of cocoa and marshmallows in your cup! Give it a quick stir and ENJOY your rich, decadent beverage!


Each Hot Cocoa Bomb is 3 ounces.

Hot Cocoa Bombs are only available for in store purchase at this time. Call or stop by the shop to purchase yours today!

We hope to begin shipping Hot Cocoa Bombs again soon.