Valentine’s Day Collection

Allô! Chocolat’s Valentine’s Day Collection is sure to make their day. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for a spouse or partner, need treats for the kids, or want to show your friends how much you appreciate them this year, you are sure to find the perfect fit!

Valentine’s Day – Chocolate Lovers Gift Basket

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift for all the Chocolate Lovers in your life.

Available in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, a combination of milk and dark chocolate, or a combination of milk, dark, and white chocolate.



Valentine’s Day Hot Cocoa Bombs

Our Hot Cocoa Bombs are created by filling a gourmet milk or dark chocolate shell with decadent hot cocoa mix (made with Penzey’s cocoa) and mini marshmallows and decorated for Valentine’s Day. This exciting treat brings a new level of fun to every cup of cocoa you enjoy!




Valentine’s Day Chocolate Pies

Allô! Chocolat’s Chocolate Pies are a unique way to share a dessert at the holidays! Select from the original 10″ pie to share with a group or the new 6″ heart pie, the perfect size to share with two! Chocolate pies are available with a peanut butter filling (like a giant peanut butter cup), or a decadent ganache filling (like a giant truffle).



Hand-Painted Artisan Truffle Assortment with “I Love You” Chocolate Bar

Hand-crafted artisan truffles in a variety of unique and decadent flavors beautifully displayed around a delicious, solid chocolate bar that says “I Love You”. Perfect for all your loved ones this Valentine’s Day.

Multiple Sizes available.



Private: Valentine’s Day Foiled Chocolate Lips

Allô!’s gourmet chocolate foiled Lips; give a kiss to your loved one!

Chocolate foiled lips come in your choice of dark, milk, or white* chocolate.

  • Lips (1.4 ounces)




Valentine’s Day Chocolate “I Love You” Bar

A giant chocolate bar that tells them how much you care.

Available in milk or dark chocolate.



Valentine’s Day Chocolate Treats Box

Customer favorite chocolate-covered treats presented in a Valentine’s Day box. This chocolate-filled treat box is sure to make their day!



Valentine’s Day Cookies & Chips

All your favorites, drenched in garment chocolate and decorated with red, pink, and white in honor of Valentine’s Day!