Basic way: Just put an image, and description, then use the wpcart shortcode
A box of chocolates: [wp_cart:Box of Chocolates:price:25.00:var1[Variety|Mixed|All Dark|All Milk Chocolate]:end]

next option, this used wp_cart_button shortocode:
[wp_cart_button name=”Test Product Two” price=”19.95″ var1=”Size|Small|Medium|Large” var2=”Color|Red|Blue|Green|Black” var3=”Type|XYZ|ABC”]

third way, using the product display box… use a small size image, as it will fit it into a small box space:
[wp_cart_display_product name=”My Awesome Product” price=”25.00″ thumbnail=”https://allochocolat.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/DSC_0008-1024×678.jpg” description=”This is a short description of the product”]