//Sweet of the Week: Turtles!

Sweet of the Week: Turtles!

2012-07-24T02:35:44+00:00July 24th, 2012|

We’ve switched our Sweet of the Week from Caramel Corn to TURTLES this week, which is great because you’ll still get your caramel fix, as well as chocolate and nuts! These handmade treats are a favorite of our employees and customers alike. Pecans and cashews are meticulously arranged in clusters, held together by a globs of buttery caramel, and topped with creamy milk, dark, or white chocolate. We even have Sugar Free Turtles, also on sale this week!

Save 25% today through Sunday. Pick up a pre-packaged 4 pack, or select them individually or by the pound out of the case.

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