Take a walk down memory lane with a gift basket filled with candies, chocolates, bars and treats that were all created and introduced in a certain decade. Each basket will include several items from that decade along with a few of our ever popular favorites created right here at Allô! Chocolat.

Roaring Twenties – May contain a variety of items such as Abba Zabba, BB Bats, Bit-O-Honey, Charleston Chews, Charm Pops, Clark Bars, Jujubes, Snaps, Teaberry Gum, Zero Bars, Slo Pokes, Chuckles, and so much more.

Swing into the Thirties- May contain a variety of items such as 5th Avenue Bar, Boston Baked Beans, C. Howard’s Violet, Sen Sen, Sky Bars, Chick-o-sticks, Candy Buttons, Mallow Cups, Red Hots, Sugar Babies, Tootsie Pops, Valomilk, Zagnut and more.

Classic Forties –May contain a variety of items such as Almond Joy, Bazooka Bubble Gum, Dots, Bonomo Turkish Taffy, Bun Bars, Licorice Wheels, Mike & Ike, Rainblo Gumballs, Fun Dip, Smarties and more.

The Fabulous Fifties – May contain a variety of items such as Atomic Fire Balls, Ice Blue Mints, Root Beer Barrels, Ice Cubes, Saf-T- Pops, Satellite Wafers, Orange Slices, Long Boys, Candy Necklaces, Flying Saucers, Pez, Warheads, Whirly Pops and more.

The Groovy Sixties – May contain a variety of items such as Lemonheads, Rock Candy, Broadway Rolls, Gold Diggers, Fruit Stripe Gum, Flipsticks, Swedish Fish, Now’n Laters, Twizzlers, Hot Dog Gum, 100 Grand Bars, Mint Juleps, Sweet Tarts, Razzles, Pixy Stixs and more.

The Seventies Disco – May contain a variety of items such as Airheads, Gobstoppers, Blow Pops, Bottle Caps, Laffy Taffy, Hubba Bubba, Whatchamacallits, Pop Rocks, Wonka Bars, Zotz and more.

Back to the Eighties- May contain a variety of items such as big League Chew, Cow Tales, Gummi Worms, Sour Patch Kids, Bubble Tape, Nerds, Gummi Hot Dogs, Push Pops and more.