What?! You didn’t even realize there was a National Jelly Bean Day?! Well now that you know, it’s time to plan your celebration of those tasty little beans!

If you didn’t get your fill of them at Easter, we still have Black Licorice beans as well as Spiced Jelly Beans.

Or if Jelly Belly jelly beans are more your thing, stop by Allô! Chocolat and fill up a bag with your favorite flavors that we carry year round or experiment with new ones! There are even “recipes” for you to follow. (For example: Eat 1 Buttered Popcorn + 2 Blueberry jelly beans to create a Blueberry Muffin experience in your mouth!) And if you’re wanting the full Jelly Belly experience, take a drive down to the Jelly Belly Warehouse in Pleasant Prairie, WI, and get in on a free train ride and tour through their warehouse!