Name Change!

2013-08-29T13:38:44+00:00August 29th, 2013|

Introducing Tortues…

We are changing the name of our turtles, because that name is copyrighted and we don’t want to infringe. One of our employees came up with a clever new name for them which is Tortue… French for turtle! (You can hear the pronunciation when you follow the link and click on the speaker icon.)

We are featuring these handmade treats as the Sweet of the Week through Sunday. Our Tortues are a favorite of our employees and customers alike. Pecans and cashews are meticulously arranged in clusters, held together by a globs of buttery caramel, and topped with creamy milk, dark, or white chocolate. Save 25% this week through September 1st. Pick up a pre-packaged 4 pack, or select them individually or by the pound out of the case.

Practice your French to earn a FREE Tortue!

Store name pronunciation contest!

Come in and pronounce Allo! Chocolat correctly to any employee to receive a free Tortue or a sample of your choice from the jar items behind the counter. Allo! Chocolat is French for “Hello! Chocolate.” Here is a linkto help you practice.

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