//Happy Truffle Day!

Happy Truffle Day!

2012-05-02T09:00:14+00:00May 2nd, 2012|

It’s May 2nd, National Truffle Day! Truffles are a decadent treat consisting of a chocolate shell filled with a soft ganache (chocolate, cream, and the flavor of choice). Learn a bit more about Truffle Day here!

Truly, truffles are a treat to be celebrated! With over 100 varieties of truffles to choose from, come on down to Allô! Chocolat and try one for yourself.

This week’s Sweet of the Week special is our hand-crafted Pink Raspberry Artisan Truffles at $.50 off.

Or try another flavor in our ever-expanding Artisan collection, shown below. These animal truffles are almost too cute to eat… almost! (They’re also delicious!) Chocolate Labs, Ivory Toffee Mice, Extra Bittersweet Black Cat Truffles, and more!We also have Dessert Truffles in various flavors, in milk, dark, or white chocolate options, as well as Bite Size versions of many of them (shown below). Is your mouth watering yet??
Happy Truffle Day, one and all!

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