“I’m no quitter!” T-Shirt

Brown Allô! Chocolat T-Shirt
Front: “I could give up Chocolate, but I’m no quitter!”
Back: “Allô! Chocolat, Waukesha WI”

Pink and Brown Tie Dye T-Shirt

Pink and Brown Shirt with Allô! Chocolat logo, custom dyed by a local artist.Tie Dye Allo Logo Shirt

Brown Tote Bag with Logo

Brown tote bag with Allô! Chocolat logo. Bag zips closed, includes an inner zippered pouch, as well as outer pockets and compartments. Tested and approved by Allô! employees!

Logo Purses

Unique, handmade purses embroidered with the Allô! Chocolat logo. Various styles and sizes are available, including mother/daughter sets!

Logo Purses