//2016 Holiday Artisan Collection

2016 Holiday Artisan Collection

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Aztec Truffle– dark chocolate ganache with cinnamon, chipotle pepper, ancho pepper and Madagascar vanilla

Caramel Sea Salt Truffle – available in milk or dark – creamy ganache infused with rich caramel and Pacific sea salt

Cabernet Truffle – dark ganache infused with cabarnet wine.

Champagne Truffle – dark ganache infused with champagne flavoring.

Gingerbread Truffle – milk ganache infused with molasses, cinnamon, cloves and ginger.

Guinness Truffle – our green and gold tailgate ganache infused with extra stout guinness.

Jameson Truffle – dark ganache infused with Jameson Irish whiskey.

Peppermint Truffle – available in milk or dark – rich ganache infused with natural peppermint oil.

Royal Raspberry Truffle – dark ganache infused with natural raspberry oil

Spiced Rum Espresso Truffle – our popular espresso ganache with a splash of spiced rum.

White Chocolate Cherry –  white ganache infused with chopped maraschino cherries and natural cherry oil

Buttered Rum Truffle – dark ganache infused with creamy butter and a splash of white rum

Hot Toddy Truffle – a dark ganache with cinnamon, cloves, honey, and bourbon.

Winter Cranberry Martini Truffle – chopped dried cranberries added to a sweet white ganache infused with natural cranberry flavoring, extra dry vermouth and gin.

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